Welcome to the A Light in the Rain Beta page. -August 23 2010-

This is a temporary site in order to plan the launch of A Light in the Rain.
Contact: contact@alitr.org

What is A Light in the Rain?

A Light in the Rain is an organization dedicated to creating educational software and services, and providing them to the world in as many languages as possible for free. We strongly believe that any person, anywhere on the planet, should have access to all the worlds knowledge and be able to educate themselves.

Why should you care?

+ A free source of easily-accessable education will allow children who cannot attend school due to poverty or war to get a basic education and discover subjects of interest

+Free education will allow for many people living in poverty to learn new skills and improve their lives, while at the same time improving their local economies which in turn improves the lives of those around them.

+Sometimes it only takes one person to make a technological breakthrough that could save lives. Free education will help increase the number of educated people worldwide, and therefore increase the chances of new technologies being developed.

+It is much more difficult for governments to manipulate a population of educated people who are aware of their lies and tricks. Free education will help bring peace to the world by making genocide, war, and human rights violations politically impossible.

+College and University students around the world will be able to pass tests when their professor speaks some form of alien language that no one seems to understand.

Can you help?

Yes, everyone can help. This is a democratic organization and even if you have no skills, your opinion and your presence can help improve the world. Please visit the Volunteer page and come join our team.

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